Credit Card Donations

As we progress toward our vision and continue to expand, it becomes more urgent each day to find funding to sustain operations and keep the Children’s Neighborhood open for our at-risk children. The slow economy has caused everyone to tighten up their budgets, which has had a direct impact on our funding.

In 2005, we established Kid’s Club, our primary program to help raise funds to feed, clothe and care for the kids at the Children’s Neighborhood. This fundraising program recognizes those faithful CIC donors that donate at least $1,000 annually.

Many of you are already Godparents and Kid’s Club members. Our newest membership opportunity level is the Guardian Angel.

The 3 annual giving levels are:

  • Godparents $250-$999
  • Kid’s Club $1,000-$2,499
  • Guardian Angels $2,500 and Above

Your annual gift to the Children’s Neighborhood is a vital part of our ability to care for our children. Most of these kids come to us without clothing, school supplies, educational items and enrichment experiences that you and I take for granted.

The only state funding we receive for the care of the children is the per diem fees for the children placed with us by the Florida Department of Children and Families. The per diem certainly helps but only covers about a third of the costs associated with feeding, clothing and caring for the children.

Children in Crisis is committed to providing appropriately for every child that needs our help, but that commitment comes with a price tag. Please consider your best giving level and join us today in loving and caring for these precious children. Donating by credit card monthly makes giving easy!

Please contact our office to see how you can make your sustaining donations or one time donations by calling (850) 864-4242 and speaking with our Finance Department.