News > Hurlburt Chiefs Join CIC Kids Club!

Hurlburt Chiefs Group joined the Children in Crisis, Inc. Kid’s Club to show their strong support to the abused, neglected and abandoned children of our community. By joining the CIC Kid’s Club, the Hurlburt Chiefs Group pledged to donate $1,000 annually to help feed and clothe the children of the CIC Children’s Neighborhood.

CMSgt Carol Jackson, President, Hurlburt Chiefs Group, presented the donation to Ken Hair, Executive Director of Children in Crisis at the September membership meeting with over 50 Chiefs in attendance. Chief Jackson also pledged the group’s volunteer support.

Hair commented, “Our community doesn’t have an emergency shelter for abused, neglected and abandoned infants and young children. Additionally, there is a severe shortage of foster homes in our community and many foster children are placed in homes that are over capacity. This causes siblings to be separated, children to be placed out of their county and moved from foster home to foster home – some as many as 10 times per year.”

Hair continued, “Military and civilian children of our community fall under the same foster program. I’m very thankful that the membership of Hurlburt Chiefs Group took on the challenge to make a difference in the life of a child.”