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Board of Directors

Children In Crisis, Inc. 

2019 Board Of Directors


Board of Directors

Dr. Bo Arnold, Chairman

Hu Ross, Vice Chair

Bonnie Hall, Secretary

Dick Schoditsch, Treasurer

Kitty Johnson, Past Chairman

Sharilyn Darnell, Past Chairman

Don Litke, Past Chairman

Janice Henderson, NWFSC

Sheila Campbell

Dee Dee Carr

Trecia Chedister

Carolyn Chesser

Carmen Crowe

Larry Dexter

Dr. Lee Hale

Steven Harker

Betty Hefner

Kerry Huffman

Judy Hoepfl

Dr. June Linke

Dr. April Lee

Jimmy McAdams

Mary Jane Ross

Lucie Wade


Advisory Board Members

Myra Arnold

Michelle Anchors

Eileen Arpke

Linda Bozorgnia

Sheila Campbell

Martha Caughey

JoAnne Connell

Keith Cox

Don David

Mack Gay, Past Chairman

Janice Griffin

Annette Lee

Sheree Northrup

Claire Nuckles

Thomas Remington

Marni Roake

Ferrol Spence

Loyal Weaver, Past Chairman

John Wesley


Honorary Board Members

Pat Franklin, DCF

Crawford Sandefur

Alexis Tibbetts