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Beer Festival 2018 – Craftathon 

After the overwhelming support of the Gulf Coast craft beer community and City of Fort Walton Beach, we are happy to announce that the Craftathon Beer Festival will be returning in 2018!!! Those in attendance last year know this isn’t going to be the mass produced, watered down, 100+ breweries type of beer fest. The Craftathon brings all of the focus back to the experience a beer festival can bring its attendees all while raising money for Children in Crisis, Inc!
The breweries in attendance are given two tasks: bring a little something special for the participants & send a knowledgable representative to pour beers. You will definitely have a beer at this festival that you’ve never had before. We also want you guys and gals to be able to talk with folks that care just as much about craft beer as you do.
In addition to crowd-pleasing suds from the pros, The Craftathon will also have all of the best home brewers sampling on site, hand selected food from our local area, beer educational lectures, and much more.
Mark your calendars and keep close the this event page for announcements and news.
Join us as we bring the beer back to the people. OBEY THE HOPKEN – DRINK GOOD BEER!
For more information or to purchase your tickets, click here
We want to thank each of you, our supporters for your amazing support over the last 15 years.
Lunch will be provided. Open to the public, tours of the houses are available as well. We hope you will join us as we celebrate you!!
 We are in need of volunteers to help us set up, during and clean up after the event, if you are able to come out and volunteer we would love to have you join us.  Please contact Laura Moore at Lauramoore@childrenincrisisfl.org or 850-864-4242!
Thank you!